This place is horrible! I was a loyal customer for 3 months who always paid on time.

The night before I moved out, they would not let me stay because I did not pay for one night. I paid a total of 128.38 on Saturday and was told that it will cover Sunday and Monday. Then I was double charged on my card, and when I brought this to their attention, they did not follow through. I received an email from the manager saying that I owe another night.

I was not informed that I had to pay for three nights when I paid this amount on Saturday. I had to work late that Monday, and finally called the courtesy officer to see if he would let me stay and I would just pay the difference Tuesday morning. He confirmed with the the manager that I was could not stay another night because it was too late to pay, although I had no where else to stay. I had to spend the night at my job until my movers came 7am in the morning to move my things to my new new apartment since I did not have anywhere to sleep since the manager would not let me stay.

What an a$$hole. The manager seems like he is a nice person, but he is really an A$$HOLE that hates his job. The management is horrible, it is overpriced with outdated furniture. They have invested in new flat screen televisions, but the furniture and the cabinets are old and outdated.

PLEASE DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY HERE. They claim that the property on Hammond Drive in Sandy Springs is the best out of all hotels, but IT'S A SLUM HOTEL, they will not make any accommodations for you, even if you were a loyal customers.

I hope this hotel gets shut down after they go through inspections!! You've been warned.....

Review about: Intown Suites Manager.

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