My family and I stayed at the intown suites on 1955 hwy6 n Houston,Tx 77096.

We checked in and paid over 800 in cash for 5 weeks until we could move into our new home. I recently had a attempted agrevated robbery at my apartment and I explained that to the general manager when she checked us in.

I was too scared to go back to my apartment so I was going to stay there with my husband and two small children.The hotel was dirty but I wasn't expecting anything fancy.However,after you get out of the shower and walk on the carpet the bottom of your feet turn black with in minutes. There was a huge peice of metal from the bed frame sticking straight out(not safe)of the bed.It smelled horrible, but still I could survive that.After sleeping on the uncomfortable pissed stained mattress bed the first night I noticed what looked like a bedbug or baby roach crawling on the sheets.I trapped it in a cup and preparred to leave. I took the bug up to Miranda(general manager)same one who checked me in. I told her that I was willing to pay for the 1st night but that I was going to need a refund for the 5 weeks that I had paid for in order to go elsewhere.

I explained that I did not want to change rooms that I just wanted to go somewhere else.She studied the bug then walkie talkied some maintainance man to do a bed bug check in my room. I was like,"Lady, I dont need him to do a bedbug check I have the bug right here in front of you". Of course Mr.maintainance man found nothing(being that he works for them.duh). She said that she did not have the authority to refund me the cash back.

I would have to call the corporate number in atlanta G 770-799-5000 that goes straight to an answering machine. She couldn't give me her bosses number and would not call him when I asked to speak with him. She said that all she could do was e-mail him an emergency E-mail and tell him to call me. She gave me my 50$deposit back(shockingly) and then basically kicked me out.

After weeks of trying to get in contact with anybody, my lawyer was told by their corporate office that they will NOT refund us the money. Now we are going to file a lawsuit in small claims court. They DON'T CARE about you. I saw that they had an avertisement on this website.

Don't go there!

It's cheap but just google them and you will understand why we all say "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" Plus if you don't concider yourself as "trailer park trash" you probably won't fit in there either. Pay a little more and go somewhere else.

Review about: Intown Suites Room.

Monetary Loss: $877.

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Wow same thing happened to me 290Northwest freeway Houston Texas you got a bed bug to kick your *** at even if they had them before you got therenot give you your money back or your deposit

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #708072

I am at the location in Memphis,TN hickory hill location. Reading all the comment puzzles me thr diffeteny locations have similar problem.

I called the compliant number and yet to receive a phone call back. The general manager Chaunte is extremely rude and very unprofessional. She acts as if she doesn't understand the profession she is in which means leave your attitude and personal feelings at the door. The cleaning crew rarely do what they are suppose to do and gets mad when the are approached about their lack of cleaning.

Chris the maintenance man, I don't know if he half fixes anything or he doesn't have the proper tools to fix what needs to be fixed. But nothing gets fixed. My air unit went out and me n my daughter had to sit in heat while the courtesy officer(who receives free rent) get a brand new air unit. The air unit they brought me was just as raggedly as the one they took out.

After I called another location to get a customer compliant number to report my issue Chaunte pretty much jumps side to defend her cleaning crew, which is wrong because as a manager she is suppose to investigate first not take sides. I never dealt with bed bugs but the bug infestation problem is RIDICULOUS!!!!!! Reported that and nothing has been done. 3 nights in a row I woke up to my daughter screaming because either a not so small spider or some type of roach is crawling on her.

I been here this year and can't leave until next year. I hate that I am investing all my hard earned money into a location like this.

I would tell anyone to not stay here, unless it is an absolute need & they have no other choice. I guess intown suite policy is to hire the most disrespectful and rude people to handle their business.

to Ms D Phoenix, Arizona, United States #935595

Pretty nasty bedbugs because they insist on changing beddings that are infested with bedbug eggs. Yep thats right instead of allowing guests to provide own beddings.

They change them out with sheets blankets and comforters that are not properly dried for the required amount of time at the required tempertures. The bedbugs eggs are so tiny you cant see them and when they hatch you cant see them only feel them crawling on you. About the second or third day is when you can see them. Every week I used to deal with the cleaning crew bedbug reinfestation.

Then I got smart and moved.

As with most corporate bureaucracy intown suites needs to move its head out of its *** and get rid of those cheap comforters or buy more of them for its properties like 4 per unit. Rotate them out so that the beddings are not in use during the 30 day gestation of bedbug eggs.

Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States #695625

I am at the one in lilburn ga. they treated with respect and courtesy!!

The manager mike explained to me in details one what services i would receive. the staff is very nice. and the rooms are clean and it doesnt smell like a cheap hotel..

I guess its according to which one you go to.. im sorry you guys had bad experiences..

Carrollton, Texas, United States #654922

Ok where to start...stayed in both arlington six flags and moved on to carrollton tx location in hopes of more comfortable environment. Both locations are in good areas but the managers and staff and extremely rude, disrespectful, and nosy. Constantly coming to your room for *** things like "smoke detector check" , check it before!!, Handing out fliers, adding bug detectors, etc. both weeks at the different locations we had a least 3-4 unexpected visits just while we were there after work in the evenings! Other non stated rules include Can't have window open, blinds open, etc. they allow many people to just hang around outside but when I open my window for 5 minutes they come and knock and yell to close it.

Carrollton location: my husband and I stayed for 2 full weeks and on the renewal date were 1 hour late to go to renew. so as we walked in to renew , he didn't look at us and just said our price. We didn't even think he was speaking to us. So I said we would like to renew and he said you're late and we disturbed their staff schedule. WTF?! Maids are gonna clean the room on that day either way---and we called them to tell them we were late!

So he said he would not take of f $25.00. I said ," you mean to tell me that you are gonna charge a customer $25 because they didn't renew an hour before now? Even if we stay here for 3-4 more weeks, you'd be willing to act like an a-hole and risk losing our business $1000+?" That's like telling someone, since you were 52 min late, we don't want your business (and we are not talking $50 bucks here...I plainly told him we were gonna stay more than 3 more weeks)

Then he said the staff found pet hairs in our room and started grilljng us about having a pet...wow so after two weeks you just randomly find hair in a room? So I told him to renew us for 1 more night so we can pack and done. As he was working my husband asked me a question about a trip we are taking this weekend. " the manager said 'so you're planning on continuing your stay from Monday,right?'" I smile and said "no way we will take our business somewhere else". He said "oh well I was able to *** the $25.00." Yeh screw that. You want to treat honest, working, decent class, good money making people like that?? I hope your business crumbles.

Intown suites,

My experience is one like many others I have read about. What's with your managers? Is your goal to destroy your business? Because you have the potential to be great.

Your loss, another business down the road is getting our 1000-1500$ for the next month and a half.


I stayed at the intown suites in Huntsville Alabama and tonya the incompetent manager lied into taking my refund and rented out the room with that rental period. They try to give you the run around like it's something new to them, but I assure you we will get our money back.


My family and I had to leave our home because of hurricane Issiac so the closest place to go to avoid the storm was Houston Texas so we check in the intown suites at 720 Sam Houston parkway I paid 525.00 for 2 rooms for a week the first night my girlfriend killed 3 roaches but didn't tell me till later then the next day I killed 4 roaches I hate roaches and went down to the office to tell the manager Daniel neiil that I could not stay in this situation because I didn't wanna take roaches home with me his response was how does he no I didn't bring roaches with me I've never been so disrespected in my life!!!!!!!! So I checked out without a refund I might add so I call the 800 number and I emailed corporate but I have not received a response so now I don't no what to do it's been over a month now can someone help me with how to get resolution to my problem


:zzz they bug you to much come in your rooms remove stuff out of your rooms, other than that its ok.. for the money


WHO IN THE *** WOULD FIRE MR.AaRON PLEASENT ????????????????????????// :(


i am a guest at intownsiutes in newportnews south . and have never experienced such RUDE& DISRESPECTFUL manger by the name of tina she acts like an *** and i will never bend over backwards for her.Why would anyone fire Mr.Aaron Pleasent thats childish and who did it does not have a HEART !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you wouldnt want anyone to do that to you !!!!! So stop being an *** whole and put yourself in his position I think you would want your job just like he needs his job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S.. He has always been there when an guest has been there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If the guest's money was in fact refunded, let me assure you it was only because they had a law suit! Clean up your act and get qualified managers!!


We regret this happened at our location and have an ongoing relationship with a national pest control company to keep our locations pest free. We refunded this guest the money she had paid and believe this matter is closed.

Saint Johns, Michigan, United States #214376

What a roach and flea invested dump! I will never stay at InTown Suites again.

The mangager and staff are terrible.

Zero out of 5 stars! Florida has many fine hotels.

There is no need to waste your time at this place. 1/5 stars.


intown suites is a peice of ***


^^^^ jones up here is trailer park trash ^^^^^


jones, you high and mighty *** go comment somewhere else


trailer park trash doesnt exsist you high and mighty ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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