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My name is Nicole Williams; I have been residing at 15424 South 50th Street room 124 since August 2010. Since residing at this location I have reported to Tina Bambie (property Manager) on several occasions about Courtesy person Paul (Henry Paul Green Jr.). Paul has approached me (Nicole Williams) on many occasions about sexual favors or has been very flirtation. On October 5th Paul saw me outside and invited me into his room. Once inside his room, he closed the door and asked me if I was into white guys. I told him, that I don't look at race. He then asked me if I would suck on his ***. When I told him no, he asked why not. I told him I was not into him that way. I then open the door and left the room. The incident was report Tina the next day. Tina said she would take care of it.

I have witness Paul drunk on the property on many occasions. And each time it has been reported to Tina. Paul has also come on to other women on the property and they have also reported it to Tina. Those Names and numbers will be provided to corporate.

On January 11th at around 2am in the morning I saw Paul *** in the corner of the entry way. I reported the situation to Ed, and Ed said I should report it to Tina. I did report the incident to Tina and should want to know if I was sure it was Paul. I told her yes, she then said that other people told her it was Ed... I told it was not Ed, it was Paul. He was drunk has all get out. She asked that I report situation to her and not to Ed because he cannot do anything about it. I told her, I have report things to her and she doesn't do anything about it and I will call corporate.

On January 25th I was walking to the mail box at around 7:45 pm. I placed some mail in the mail box and did not secure the mail, and it fall to the bottom. Tina told me the mail carrier will not take the mail unless it was on top. I saw that Tina's car was still here, but the office was closed. I knocked on Paul's door and the voices in the room become quit. I then walked down to Ed's room and explained what happened with the mail. Ed said only management had the key and that he could not do anything about it. I told him, the Tina was still on the property, but I could not find her. He said he did not know where she was and that I should wait until the morning. I said ok. I left Ed's room and walked over to the store (Circle K). On my way back, I saw Tina coming out of Paul's room around 8:15pm. That would explain why he did not answer the door. She jumped in her car and drove off.

On January 26 around 9:00 pm; my friend and I were walking back from the store when we saw Paul stumbling around. When Denise asked him, what he was doing he said walking the grounds. Denise and I both just look at each other and I said I have had enough; he is drunk off his butt.

On January 27th, around 5:45 pm, I went into the office to speak with Brain about the situations and to ask him who I need to speak with. Explained everything to Brain and I told him, I was coming to him because he was fair and he would lead me in the right directions. I had spoken to Tina many times and she has done nothing. I am tired of the harassment from Paul and Tina not doing anything about it. I pay my rent on time and should not have to deal with this.

On February 1, 2011, Brain (Sales Support Manager) called me on my room phone around 5:45pm to ask me what compensation I was looking for; I told him to let me think about it and I would give him a call. After careful consideration of the situation, I will give me reason for what I am asking for and why. I would further appreciate all communication be in writing from this point on.

1) I am requesting that Paul and Tina (property manager) both be terminated and written letters of apology. Reason: From the time I began living on the property I have report each and all problems directly to Tina. Both Paul and Tina our employees of Intown Suites. Which means Tina has a responsibility to protect, handle and report situation to corporate if she cannot handle the situation. Instead Tina did nothing and the harassment continued.

2) I am requesting one (1) years free rent. Reason - I should not have to live like a hermit. I am afraid to leave my room because of the harassment from Paul. If I do leave I get right into my car I don't walk very often unless I have someone walking with me.

3) I am requesting $50,000. Reason is because Intown Suites property manager has know about Paul's drunken and flirtation and sexual behavior since I began living on the property. I don't have anywhere else to go and should not have to live like this.

I have spoken to other women who have endured the same kind of harassment and advances. One women had to get her 19 year old son to address Paul, as well as an employee's husband had to address Paul about touching his wife . For whatever reason, the property manager is protecting Paul and has done nothing to prevent the harassment; when it has been reported. I have spoken to an attorney and they informed me to wait to see how corporate handles the situation. Each of these women our willing to speak to corporate and testify in court of law if need be.

On February 10, 2011, I was awoken by a knock on the door around 10am. When I open the door it was Brian Manager of Intown suite and the house keeper Rosa. Brain stated he needed to talk to me. I closed the door, put on some pants and open the door again. Brain said to me, I need you to do me a favor. I need you to move out because of a noise complaint that was filed against you. I looked at Brian like he was crazy. I asked him to repeat himself. He then stated, I would only be for a week and then I could return. I told him, he did not receive a complaint against me this was retaliation for filing the sexual harassment complaint against Paul and Tina. I said fine and closed the door. By 10:30 am I was on the phone and packing up my stuff. I was very upset and extremely stressed out I knew I did not have a lot of money and the money I do have has to be used for my Son's surgery on March 1. I did not know where I was going to go or how I was going to pay for it.

At 11:20 am I called the office and requested a copy of this complaint. I was told I had to speak to Toni Jones at their corporate office legal department. Once I received the number, I call Ms. Jones and left a message. After get my car packed up and making some more calls trying to find a place to stay, I walked into the office and told Brian he could home check my room. This was around 2:15 pm. At this point, Brian informed me that he received an email from Ms. Jones, stating she was in a meeting and would return my call after I was removed from the property. At that point I confirmed that the Owners and Property manager would be inspecting the building the next day. Brian went on to tell me there were other complaints against me and that Ms. Jones would go over them with me.

On February 11, 2011 I received a phone call from a blocked number at around 12:35 pm from Ms. Jones. Ms Jones began asking me questions about the Blog Complaint I filed online. She then went on to say that I only had one complaint and that complaint did not warrant me being but off the property. She said she would investigate my complaint. She then went on to ask me for the number of people that had the same problems with Paul and Tina. She then went on to say, she did not know why Brian was being untruthful. I then asked for a copy of the complaint. Ms. Jones stated there was an ongoing investigation. I went on to voice my opinion about the sexual harassment and retaliation against me. Ms. Jones then requested the names of the people that would testify in court. I explain to her, that there our more people, but because they live on the property, they will not come forward afraid that they will be put out like I was for no reason. Ms. Jones said she would contact me on Monday February 14, 2011.

At around 2:30 pm I went over Circle K and was speaking to Mike. I was telling him what happen and he expressed to me that he has had problem with Paul before. Mike stated that Paul comes to his store at least 4-5 nights a week to purchase 2 six packs of beer. He stated a few times he has had to put him out of the store because of his drunken flirtation behavior and harassment to his customers. I asked if he would be willing to testify in court, Mike stated yes he would.

On February 14, 2011, received a blocked call from Ms. Jones, stating she need more time and would contact me on Wednesday February 16, 2011. On February 17, 2011, I call Ms. Jones to get an update. She did not return my call. It is now Sunday February 20th an still nothing from Corporate and both Paul and Tina still work at Intown Suite and still harassing other customers.

This company need to take responsiblity for the action of its employees.

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you can so tell that those hate full comments are from the employees at InTown Suites.The owners of the company do not care about their guests, there fore they could careless who they hire.

My understanding is they are hurting for cash.Is anyone else aware that they lost a law suit in the millions appealed it and the complainants where awarded more more.Most of their properties are drug infested with users and dealers and prostitutes.And the GM's overlook it not only to keep up with high occupancy but r users themselves!


11:47 pm right now, person above me keep moving furniture and walk heavy (doubt it's a fat ***). Call courtesy officer (#121) many times no one pick up the phone.


I would hire a PI to get Boo Hoo's IP and try to link that comment to might help your case..if its still on going.


So you were "harassed" all this time and this was so emotionally traumatizing to you yet you choose to stay there? Get a life and get a job. If you had a job you wouldn't have to stay at a motel and you wouldn't have to try and scam people out of money (that your not going to get).


Wow I think Boo Hoo is Paul and just confirmed his harassment.


intown suites has a new saying it goes welcome to the ghetto it"s just like being at home.....


Ms.Williams - as Ms.

Jones informed you, we are in the process of investigating your claims.

She will be in contact with you as the investigation proceeds and as she has additional information.

Thank you.

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