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If you love horror movies and would like to star in one, head on over to In Town Suites in Tuscaloosa, AL! This place has an all inclusive horror experience.

It's jam packed with grotesque odors, crusty sheets, questionable contamination, scary critters, and zero help! A call for help leaves you with an automated response or a response from a sketchy representative, replying "Come and get it yourself". Upon check in, you'll be given a keycard to your room, and are asked to inspect it before check in. If the first nasty room doesn't suit your fancy, you'll be assigned a different room, leading you to an eerie stairwell that resembles an episode of COPS.

Be sure to check under the bed, not just for bed bugs, but for trinkets left behind from other guests, such as used hypodermic needles, or forgotten tomatoes. These are just some of the lovely trinkets left behind, that past guests have reported. You might want to bring your own towels, linens, and toilet paper. It's not a guarantee if you stay in this fabulous smutty dump.

Here's a list of our experience: Get to hotel- 1.Smells like a casino 2. Crusty sheets and counters 3. Ask for cleaning before we bring our stuff in and linens to be changed. 4.

Get a reply, "Well, we can give you some new sheets to change the bed." 5. Hands us a new key card to another room to see if that one is any better. 6. Other room is in better shape.

7.Stairwell and upstairs smell like bacon grease 8. No towels in the bathroom 9. Called to request towels and get a reply, "You can come and get them." 10. Wait in line for 20 minutes for said towels 11.No toilet paper 12.

No hair dryer 13. No iron, but does have an ironing board. 14.No closet (least of my worries, but I'm gonna just throw that in there. 15.

BED BUGS!!!! Experience from rooms: 138 204

Review about: Intown Suites Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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