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I arrived in Macon on December 14, 2011 at approximately 6pm from VA to visit my niece in the hospital. My older sister had made arrangements for me to stay at the InTown Suites located at 1459 Eisenhower Pkwy Macon, GA 31206. When we got on property, I paid in advance $169.49 for a week on my credit card, and a $50 deposit in cash for phone and room deposits. Unfortunately, the front desk guy was unable to give me my keys because he needed to reprogram the locks. He advised me that the office is closed at night until 11am the following day so that when I returned from the hospital, my key would be ready and I should pick it up from the night security guard.

At midnight I returned to the property. The security guard was asleep and was upset that I woke him up. He refused to get me a luggage cart and slammed the door on me. After 5 trips, I had brought all of my belongings upstairs to room #223. When I went to the bathroom, I saw a pregnant german cockroach. I took a picture and killed it. Then I saw another and took a picture as well. When I left the bathroom, I started noticing other roaches. I took 5 pictures total and immediately brought all my stuff back down to the car. I went and asked the security guard for a new room or refund. He said he didn't have the authorization to do either and that I had to stick it out until 11am. I was exhausted but couldn't bring myself to stay in the room with roaches so I searched for another hotel and paid for a week there.

Until 5am December 15th, I searched the internet for the InTown Suites corporate website. I left a voice message on the customer service line explaining my situation and requesting a callback and a refund. I also sent an email to their website with the same info and request. I also left a message at the front desk of the InTown Suites on Eisenhower so that the opening employee at the front desk would be aware of the situation.

At 10:55am on December 15th, I was back at the InTown Suites. When they opened, I went inside to speak to the front desk about getting a refund. The same guy who checked me in was the same guy who opened. I believe his name is Kendall or Kimball. After explaining the situation, he simply said he was sorry but since I didn't give him a chance to rectify the situation there would be no refund. I reminded him that there was no one onsite after hours authorized to switch rooms or handle the situation but he would not budge. I asked if he could just charge me the 1 day and refund the 6 days and he became angry and said there would absolutely be no refund of any kind. I walked outside and called the Police.

When the Police arrived, I explained the situation and the Officer advise it would be a Civil matter. The Officer did go inside and try to talk with the front desk guy but he insisted that I signed something when I checked in and that it was binding and he acted as before and refused any refund at all. I told Kendal or Kimbal that I was sure that what I signed at check in was subject to interpretation and that it didn't address serious issues like roaches. I told him that I'm sure he wouldn't stay in a room that had roaches and to put himself in my shoes. He told the Officer and myself that he had called Orkin and that's how he rectified the situation but absolutely no refunds ever. I thanked the Officer for his time and so here I am submitting a complaint.

My complaint is that I shouldn't be expected to stay in a hotel room with roaches. If the hotel has no one onsite after hours that is authorized to handle room changes or problems with rooms, how can I be held at fault for leaving a roach infested room? How can the hotel be allowed to keep my money for something out of my control?

After arguing with the front desk guy, he agreed to refund the $50 deposit but said he'd only refund it to my credit card even though I paid in cash. I argued that I had paid that in cash and wanted cash back. If the Police Officer weren't present, I believe I wouldn't have even gotten that back . . . but I did receive the deposit back in cash eventually.

What I am seeking is a refund of the $169.49 to my credit card and for someone to review this hotels' after hours policy and roach problem. It's amazing to me that I've had to spend so much time seeking the return of my money for a room I never stayed in when I have to deal with the possibility of my Niece and her unborn baby both dying. Unbelievable!

Thank you for your time and for listening to me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Intown Suites Room.

Monetary Loss: $169.

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Wish I could give it less than a 1 rating. This place should be torn down.

It is infested with roaches and almost uninhabitable.

I ended up checking out days early due to the roach problem and I am waiting to hear back from corporate about refunding money for my stay. If I do not hear back soon I will be making a couple of phone calls elsewhere to get their attention.

to Anonymous #1380864

I called the local news version of "10 on your side" when I was going through my issue mentioned in "Killed 5 Roaches but refused new room or refund". The news activists didn't have anyone to do the segment, but instead referred me to what turned out to be a man in a high position in the health department.

Things got done. Reporting your roach story will prompt an onsite.

If roaches are present, they will shut them down again. Maybe mentioning to whomever you correspond with that you are considering the options of reporting to the health department or the local news will prompt a quicker refund.


This place is filled with cockroaches!

They are unethical and immoral.

I'm sure if they had a proper health inspection they would fail. If the board of licensing investigated I'm sure they could be fined or closed down.


Dear "Robby bobby":

We will certainly refund your money and regret that this issue occured. We work hard to ensure that our locations are pest free and have a program in place with Orkin to prevent and address any pest issues. We will inspect and treat this room immediately.

In regard to your other issues, we operate more like an apartment than a hotel and cater to those staying several weeks. As such, we do not provide luggage carts and operate limited office hours. These are just some of the ways we keep rates as low as possible.

Thank you for making us aware of this situation. Our Market Manager will contact you shortly to effectuate the refund.

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