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This place is the worst hotel I have ever stayed in. Very dirty and the maids when they do come to clean your room just wipe everything down quickly, take the trash out, and that was it. The people who had stayed next door to me were kicked out a week prior to me because they complained about the bed bugs they found in their room after only being there one week.

This place has a policy of kicking people out, keeping their rent & deposit they paid when you complain about anything. Just the end of May 2011 a disabled man and his nurse repeatedly complained about their toilet overflowing and then they caught the maintenance man trying to break into their room when he thought they were away because the disabled man kept large jars of change and he had been missing some of the change prior. Jennifer, the manager, kicked the disabled man out and called the cops on him because the disabled man with no legs couldn't be out of his room within the hour.

The advertise high speed Internet access, but the connection was so slow I couldn't use my IP based work phone. When I called the management and asked they rudely told me that all they provided was a connection quick enough to browse the Internet. I sent an email to their corporate location and received a call back from an Intown Suites employee who told them that all they would provide was a connection quick enough to browse the Internet and that was it. I went a head and purchased my own Internet access with Clear Wireless which was great.

Then I began to notice two white males in room 331 with a lot of traffic coming and going all times of the night, and the maintenance man frequenting the room. I asked a couple of people who had been staying there for some time about it and they told me that these guy were selling whatever you wanted Crack, ICE, Heroin, ***, pills, etc. I then sent another email to their corporate location to complain, but the next day an Intown Suites employee who was the manager's boss, who wouldn't give me his name, called me to the office and told me I had to leave. He wouldn't give me a reason, his name, or refund any of the money I had already paid for the next couple weeks. I believe that the manager, Jennifer, and the maintenance man are protecting the drug dealers in this room because they are Crack heads that get their drugs from them.

This place is shady at best and it is well worth pay a little extra to stay in a legitimate motel / hotel. I f you have already made the mistake that I did by staying there and have issues with these Intown Suites employees here is all the contact names and email addresses of their corporate employees:

Corporate Location:

2727 Paces Ferry Rd SE

Ste 2-1200

Atlanta, GA, 30339-6143

(770) 799-5000

Chief Executive Officer, Scott Griffith, scott.griffith@intownsuites.com

Douglas N Wells, President, DWells@intownsuites.com

Dennis Cassel, Chief Financial Officer, dennis.cassel@intownsuites.com

Roger LeVine, Controller, RLeVine@intownsuites.com

Steve Hampton, Controller, Steve.Hampton@intownsuites.com

Joy Miles, Human Resources Manager, joy.miles@intownsuites.com

Toni Jones, General Counsel and Director of Human Resources, Toni.Jones@intownsuites.com

Jennifer David, General Manager - Austin, TX, jennifer.david@intownsuites.com

Chris, Maintenance man


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Yeah the internet is *** at mine too. I tried to play multiplayer on my xbox, but lately I've been unable to enjoy the online experience because I get kicked due to a loss of network connection.

Not to mention the fact that a couple weeks ago somebody ODed in the room upstairs and there's been an incidice with the police every few months. At least it's not as bad as the location behind the checkers and rally's.

Titusville, Florida, United States #692427

great job with all the Info for the corp office. I has similar situation at the In town suits myself.

I am a nurse for a disable man, and had lots of concerns about the seedy comings and goings of people. I did ask to move to a different location, or a refund to move to a better place but they told me I would get nothing back. I stayed the week and documented everything on video and camera. I found a huge mold issue and have reported this to Orange county health dept.

I have moved my patient to a different hotel (which is nicer and sixty dollars cheaper)until his his apartment unit is completely renovated for his access.

Jackson, Nebraska, United States #659213

I work for this company unfortunately, and yes, it is my firm belief that the managers are only concerned with filling rooms up, even if the room has KNOWN drug activity, putting their employees and guests in danger. the internet is advertised as high speed, and its as fast as the internet was in 1999 when these cheap buildings were put together. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

also, I have seen managers do very very unethical things like telling a pregnant woman she cannot get into her room since she did not have her drivers license and make her wait outside in the rain for 3 hours till the person who had a DL could come by


I thank you for providing the names and emails for the Intown Suites Corporate office. Not that it will do any good, but I do intend on complaining.

I have read many reviews on them and have not read many positive ones. I should have done my homework before I stayed here.


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