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on the 14th of Dec, I made a payment. I noticed on the receipt later that night the manager Paul didnt add exactly what I paid.

The day before on the 13th ( Thursday) he told me I owed money to the company. I asked why did I owe however he gave an excuse so I didnt argue about it.... After I seen part of my money missing, I begin searching for the truth.... Once I begin reading my Ledger I begin to see where Paul had been taking full weekly payments, giving me a receipt that says weekly payment, but once I left the office he would go back into the system and change to Sto n Go...

He was keeping over or close to $150 a week from Intown Suites, then I also realized he lied about me owing Intown, the 60$ I paid didnt go as credit, the money just disappeared into his pocket, once he knew I reported him, he begin to rage out at me... Beating on my door demanding I come out and talk to him.. ( my son was terrified) once I walked out he begin yelling that he was going to get fired and I was going to be evicted!!! ( in which he has tried since then to give me an eviction, he took away money I had to on my account, which was 130$ app..

A $100 just disappeared again into his pockets.. i have him on recording taking my receipts and ledger out of my hand and refusing to give back, I had to call 911, he has been my worst nightmare since I reported him stealing from the guest and the company... I woke up this morning to see my front windshield window is busted out!!!! Another guest said she seen the manager jeep sitting in parking lot when she arrived from work....

I have been a loyal customer of Intown Suites, since Ive been here Ive paid over 5000$... Its an Outrage to be treated this way, I would like to be contacted and sumone with more authority step up for me as a loyal guest.... I dont deserve to be evicted, have my car destroyed, being yelled at, locked out, and just flat out refuse to provide me with any documents of my account here.... I will take this as far as I need too because Ive done nothing wrong.

I have plenty of recordings, pictures, and paperwork and receipts to prove my statements....

I havent yet took pictures of the paperwork however if needed I have it.... Thank yu my cell # is 704-207-8623

Product or Service Mentioned: Intown Suites Manager.

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